Salon Assistant

SHB20216 - Certificate II in Hairdressing

Be on the front foot with the role of Salon Assistant. You'll interact with and provide services to salon clients as well as help colleagues achieve their best. Salon Assistants are skilled in workplace communication and masters of everyday needs of a salon, under direct supervision as part of a dedicated hairdressing team.  
SHB20216 - Certificate II in Salon Assistant
  • This qualification reflects the role of individuals who work as salon assistants and are competent in communicating in the workplace, interacting with and providing service to clients and assistance to colleagues. They perform routine functions under direct supervision as part of a hairdressing team, the job role is referred to as a Salon Assistant.

  • The SHB20216 – Certificate II in Salon Assistant qualification is made up of 12 units and takes 12 months full time to complete.

  • You will learn mostly on the job, in the heart of an active salon! You’ll also be supported through online activities such as reading, research, and projects.

    Assessment work will be set for each unit of learning, to ensure you’re getting across all aspects of the training.

  • On achieving competency in all 12 units, you will walk away with a SHB20216 -Certificate II in Salon Assistant. If you don’t complete the entire course, you will be awarded a Statement of Attainment for the units you do finish.

  • Yep. But not before you’re ready. Your trainer will make sure you’re comfortable and ready before assessment in each unit. You will need to complete your theory assessment, and your workplace supervisor will confirm that you have undertaken all your set tasks.

    Your assessor will then watch you in action to determine if you’ve picked up what you need. If you are not assessed as competent on your first go, don’t lose heart: your trainer will help you prepare for your next attempt.

  • If you’re looking at how best to fast-track your career in hairstyling, then yes! SHB20216 – Certificate II in Salon Assistant is suitable for an Australian Apprenticeship pathway and VETiS delivery.

  • Please refer to our Fees section on our website for current tuition fees.  If you are eligible for Skills First Funding the tuition fees will be minimal.  As an apprentice you will need to purchase your own tools of trade, (scissors, combs etc.) and we can provide you with some details on kits available through suppliers who offer student discounts.

  • There’s no reason to stop learning. The Certificate SHB20216 – II in Salon Assistant is a great pathway into a SHB30416 – Certificate III in Hairdressing, allowing you to further develop your trade.

  • SHBHBAS001 Provide shampoo and basin services

    SHBXCCS003 Greet and prepare clients for salon services

    SHBHDES001 Dry hair to shape

    SHBHIND001 Maintain and organise tools, equipment and work areas

    BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and safety of self and others

    SHBXIND002 Communicate as part of a salon team

    SHBXCCS001 Conduct salon financial transactions

    SHBXIND001 Comply with organisational requirements within a personal services environment

    SIRRMER001 Produce visual merchandise displays

    SHBHBAS002 Provide head, neck and shoulder massages for relaxation

    SHBXCCS004 Recommend products and services

    SIRRINV001 Receive and handle retail stock