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Simple tricks to balance work and study

Want to know a couple of simple tricks to balance work and study?

To study and work at the same time can be tricky as well as balancing your personal life. Here’s a few life hacks to you can get more productive and not become overwhelmed by your workload.

Get organised.  It sounds simple but it can be a lot harder to sit down and plan what you need to stay on top of your workload, it’s truly a balance. Take the time to sit down and get the calendar out and start marking out all your assessments deadlines, work and personal commitments so you get an overview of what you need to start planning and setting time aside time in your schedule to complete your work.

Working to a 30- minute study timeslot as it helps you stay focused by breaking your tasks down into little projects.  By doing this you allow yourself to see what the priority is and work in small sections and you’ll not only feel more productive you’ll stop feeling overwhelmed because you’re only studying in smaller timeframes.

Balance and manage your stress especially when you’re juggling work and study and everything in-between it can be easy to be pulled into multiple directions.  It’s important to ensure that you’re prioritising your work and assessments but making sure that you’re staying on top of rest as it’s important to keep feeling recharged and balanced. It’s essential to stay on top of sleep and making sure your busy periods are punctuated by things or activities that make you feel calm and good about yourself. Quietly clearing our minds before undertaking a busy day is the best way to keep sane and kick butt.

HA x